Spectral domain Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) combined with laser angiography.


The Spectralis HRA + OCT model combines SD-OCT with five distinct fundus imaging modalities including:  Fluorescein angiography, ICG angiography, red-free and infrared imaging as well as blue laser autofluorescence.
Getting the full picture of disease is critical to understand complex pathologies.  Multi-modality imaging offers deep insights into structure, function and metabolic activity of the retina and, consequently, benefits in patient flow, detection and management of  disease.

  • Multi-modality imaging device
  • Simultaneous dual-beam scanning for multi-modality imaging
  • TruTrack™ Active Eye Tracking
  • AutoRescan™ for precise follow up exams
  • Heidelberg Noise Reduction™ technology
  • Automatic Real Time ART image stabilisation
  • 40 000 A-scans per second
  • Peripheral PCT imaging and fundus widefield imaging
  • Dynamic angiography and stereo imaging
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors