Beta 200S® Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope

HEINE BETA 200® Ophthalmoscope

The new BETA 200 S is the first hand held direct ophthalmoscope with a combination of patented aspherical optics and single step diopter selection from -36 D to +38 D for precise lens selection and a crisp, focused fundus image in all diagnostic situations. The BETA 200 ophthalmoscope has unique aspherical optics and all the features of the BETA 200S, except for the macula aperture, pinhole and wide lens range.

HEINE BETA 200® Retinoscope

The BETA 200 Retinoscope with ParaStop features the latest multi-coated optics for an exceptionally bright fundus reflex and easier detection of the neutralization point. ParaStop was developed by HEINE for the easy, precise selection of a parallel illumination beam. ParaStop simplifies and speeds up the precise detection of cylinder axis.
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Agencies & Distributors


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