Nidek AFC-330 Retinal Camera

Next Generation Non-Mydriatic Auto Retinal Camera

Nidek delivers the innovative non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that integrates every function required for easy retinal screening. Customized built-in functions of the Nidek AFC-330 improve the quality and efficiency of the medical examination.

  • Auto Focus and Auto Image capture, with image resolution of 12 megapixels
  • The ONLY fundus camera with 3D Auto-Tracking (X,Y & Z axis)
  • 45 degree images (without cropping) for a more complete diagnostic evaluation for maximum reimbursement.
  • AutoStereo feature specifically separates each image by 3 degrees for precise stereo pairs, perfect for serial analysis.
  • Fully Networkable and EMR interfaced software packages for efficient file storage, retrieval, sharing and image analysis.
  • Advanced software functions such as superior resolution with Digital  magnification, RGB filters, Auto-Montage and Glaucoma follow up for the most accurate analysis.
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors


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