Nidek CEM-530 Specular Microscope

Paracentral Specular Microscopy
In addition to conventional central and peripheral specular microscopy, the CEM-530 includes a unique function to capture paracentral images. The paracentral images are captured at eight points, 5º visual angle within a 0.25 mm x 0.55 mm field and enable enhanced assessment surrounding the central image. 

  • Simulated image of 15 fixation lights*
  • 1 Central point
  • 8 Paracentral points (5º visual angle)
  • 6 Peripheral points (27º visual angle)
  • Auto Indication of the Optimal Image.
  • Two-second Auto Analysis
  • 3-D Auto Tracking, Auto Shot, and Tiltable, Touch Screen
  • LED Light Source for Flash
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Agencies & Distributors


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