Nidek F-10 Digital Ophthalmoscope

Spectacular Retinal imaging with the new NIDEK F-10 Digital Ophthalmoscope

Designed to provide amazing infrared scanned images. High contrast FA Images with streaming video plus super IA choridial views. It is equipped with the latest in Digital Laser Technology, providing unsurpassed image quality for every detail of the retina and choroid.

  • Retro Illumination mode can reduce FA usage while offering more diagnostic    data especially macular retinoschisis and drusen
  • Colour mode now available for improved diagnosis and increased reimbursement
  • Dark Field Illumination to view layers in-vivo for more advanced diagnostic impressions
  • Streaming FA video shows to fill in feed vessel location along with a wide 60 degree field of view
  • Split-screen available is easily obtained using FA/ICG combination tmode
  • EMR and networking compatible
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors


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