Optical Path Difference Scanning System

NIDEK’s third generation Auto-Refractor, Keratometer, Wavefront abberrometer, Corneal topographer and Pupillometer a world first for vision examination and diagnosis has resulted in the OPD scan III.

  • Fast and Dependable, with multiple and simultaneous functions avoid instrument alignment problems and reduced exam time
  • All data required to create a customized ablation algorithm for each patient are obtained in 10 seconds per eye.
  • Eliminates accommodation and tear film dependency in the OPD or Wavefront map
  • Leading the industry with 2 520 data points in only 0.4 seconds
  • The OPD-Scan III offers fast processing speed, minimizing stress in a busy clinical environment.
  • Has the ability to measure high power Cylinder providing accuracy in irregular aberration measurements
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors 


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