Advanced spectral domain OCT / confocal ophthalmoscope system

Offering a significant leap forward in Spectral Domain OCT technology, the RS-3000 from Nidek delivers incredible definition allowing the easy detection of the most subtle fundus structures and pathology. With repeatable follow up scans of reassuring accuracy using Nidek’s tracking and vessel recognition technology, and normative database to aid in diagnosis and comparison of images.

  • Normative database for both Macular and Optic Nerve head analysis, including ganglion cell complex assessment.
  • Automated detection and separation of 6 layers of the retina
  • Fast acquisition time at 53,000 A Scans / sec - 1.6 seconds for a full 3D scan
  • Auto tracking, registration and vessel recognition for accurate follow up and repeat scanning
  • 2.4mm minimum pupli size
  • Copes well with moderate cataracts
  • Image averaging for visually stunning detail and detection of subtle pathology and changes
  • Optional Anterior mode now available for corneal measurement and anterior chamber analysis
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors