The TRIumph of Excellence

Three essential measurements combined in one UNIQUE instrument, the worlds first Auto Refractometer, Auto Keratometer and Non-Contact Tonometer combination unit. This newer, compact, and space saving device provides a more user friendly design which allows for enhanced patient flow. The user can easily select patient measurement modes and allow easy access to patient eyelids.

  • Improved measurement capability even with dense cataracts and IOL implants
  • Pupil Zone Imaging Method – analyses a wider area (max. to 4mm) to obtain more reliable data
  • Super Luminescent Diode – for improved quality, clearer and sharper than LED
  • New Mire Ring for screening and detecting of corneal surface abnormalities
  • Advanced Auto Puff control and noise reduction provides for a more comfortable patient experience


Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors


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