Non-contact, versatile, portable

The OCULUS Pachycam is the first compact and portable non-contact pachymeter with a built-in Keratometer. The Pachymetry is based on Scheimpflug images over a horizontal 4mm area and provides an immediate indication of central corneal thickness.

  • The comparison screen allows an easy follow up of pachymetry, keratometry and IOP readings.
  • Image acquisition with the help of a 3D alignment screen with an automatic release
  • Immediate indication of central  pachymetry-reading as well as the local pachymetry over a 4mm area via a click of a mouse
  • Central k-values as well as the local k-readings on the 4 mm area via a click of a mouse.
  • Information can be used to check Correct IOP (intra ocular pressure) in accordance to the table of Shah or Ehlers to receive the "real" IOP
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Agencies & Distributors


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