The Gold Standard in Anterior Segment Tomography
Equipped with an automatically rotating Scheimpflug camera the Pentacam performs a complete measurement of the anterior eye segment in less than 2 seconds. A precise analysis of the central cornea is carried out in the process. During measurement extraneous eye movements are detected with a second pupil camera and automatically corrected during the calculation process.

The Pentacam is available in three different models:
  • Pentacam BASIC – the individual model
  • Pentacam CLASSIC – the versatile model
  • Pentacam HR – the professional model

The Pentacam offers a wide range of functions even in its Basic version:
  • Topography and elevation data of the anterior and posterior corneal surface
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Overall pachymetry, absolute and relative
  • Topography based keratoconus analysis
  • Tomography and analysis of the anterior chamber
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Agencies & Distributors

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