The first 3D Scheimpflug camera in the world. Non-contact measurement, comfortable and safe.


The Pentacam® HR captures Scheimpflug images of the anterior eye segment through a rotating measurement. This rotating measuring process supplies pictures in three dimensions. The Pentacam® HR is the only instrument which measures and analyses precisely the centre of the cornea.

The new HR Pentacam has an improved optic design and a high resolution 1.45 Mega Pixel Camera. Primary advantages are:

  • Crisper and sharper Scheimpflug pictures allowing excellent IOL and phakic IOL implant imaging
  • More precise presentation of the corneal layers
  • Cornea imaging via a fine scan produces 100 images in less than 2 seconds for improved accuracy
  • An active, shifting fixation target to allow patients with high ametropia an easy fixation target.


Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors


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