Reichert ORA 2 – Ocular Response Analyser

What is Corneal Hysteresis ?

Corneal Hysteresis (CH) is the difference in the inward and outward pressure values obtained during the dynamic bi-directional applanation process employed by the Ocular Response Analyzer, as a result of viscous damping in the cornea.

Understand the Cornea. Understand the Pressure. 
  • Corneal Biomechanics, Accurate IOP, and CCT in one easy-to-use instrument.
  • Improved ability to detect Keratoconus
  • Increased confidence in evaluation of refractive surgery candidates
  • More accurate IOP measurements; especially in post-refractive surgery patients
  • Additional evidence to predict risk of glaucoma progression
  • New tools for determining treatment necessity and efficacy for glaucoma subjects
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors


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