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  1. CrossLine and Angle scans are added. Due to the addition of the new scans, Retina and Cornea scans from version 1.0 are renamed to Retina Map and Cornea Pachymetry scans respectively in version 1.5.
  2. User interface for capturing scans (in step 1) has been modified due to the addition of Retina Cross Line and Cornea Angle scans. Putting the mouse pointer on Retina button shows Retina Map and Cross Line options, while putting the mouse pointer on the Cornea button shows Pachymetry and Angle options. Select the desired scan, and the application will move to step 2 automatically.
  3. List of completed scans is rearranged to allow for increased number of scan types
Cross Line:
  1. Clicking anywhere in the live en face image moves that location to the center of the Cross Line. This gives you the ability to scan a desired area where there may be some pathology.
  2. There is a “Reset Scan Position” button between the video and the en face windows which will reset the scan position to the default position (centered on the fovea).
  3. Arrows (in the en face image) for the cross line scan shows a bold arrow (horizontal by default) and a “normal” arrow (vertical by default).
  4. The scan shown in the OCT window always corresponds to the bold arrow.
  5. Moving the mouse pointer/cursor in the enface window and scrolling the wheel ( you don’t have to click in the en face window) allows you to rotate the scans up to 90 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  6. Each scroll on the mouse wheel rotates the crosslines 5 degrees.
  1. Similar to the cross line scan, moving the mouse pointer in the video image window allows you to rotate the angle using the mouse wheel.
  2. Each scroll is 5 degrees; you can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise up to 90 degrees.



  1. Change report includes the hemi map (or half pie map) in addition to the quadrant map.
  2. OU report includes a TSNIT graph showing values for both eyes in addition to TSNIT graph for each eye.  
Retina Map
  1. Auto zoom button is added (and is on by default). Un-checking it turns off the Zoom function.
  2. The auto zoom algorithm has been tweaked so that version 1.5 will display sharper images.
Retina Cross Line
  1. Arrows in the top right corner of the scan images indicate scan direction.
  2. Report by default shows both scans (each averaged 12 times). Option “both” is selected by default.
  3. You can select “#1” or “#2” to show one of the two scans in a larger display
  4. OU report is available and also has the options to show both scans and either one of the two scans for each eye.
Cornea Angle Measurement
  1. Ou Report is available for Angle scan.


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