Nidek AR-1 and ARK-1 Series Auto-Refractor/ Keratometers.

Superior Functions for a Superior Outcome.

What is a superior auto-refractor / keratometer and auto-refractor?
The ARK-1 / AR-1 series speak for themselves, surpassing a conventional auto ref/keratometer and auto refractometer with technologically enhanced functions generating greater accuracy and greater clinical information.

  • Accurate Refraction Measurement
  • VA Measurement with Glare Test (On AR-1s and ARK-1s)
  • Simple Opacity Assessment – Captured Retro Illumination image (On AR-1a/s and ARK-1a/s)
  • Patient-friendly Accommodation Measurement (On AR-1a/s and ARK-1a/s)
  • Large Pupil Zone Imaging Method
Agencies & Distributors

Agencies & Distributors


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