Phaco Emulsification System

The WHITESTAR Signature System.

Control. Confidence. Performance.

Master the art of perfect balance through the WHITESTAR
Signature System’s combined energy, fluidics management and
intelligent design.

ELLIPS FX technology takes lens extraction to a higher level by
simultaneously blending longitudinal and transversal modalities
for smoother cutting and excellent efficiency

FUSION pump provides unmatched flexibility, allowing you to
easily switch between peristaltic and venturi pumps during
your procedures

FUSION Fluidics technology redefines rapid response by
anticipating occlusions and preemptively adjusting the vacuum
before occlusions break, for exceptional chamber stability
and safety

Wireless Advanced Control Pedal offers a secure Bluetooth
connection, traditional and dual-linear functionality and
non-zero start capabilities

An elegant design for control, confidence and performance.
This is the beauty of the WHITESTAR Signature System.




ELLIPS FX Technology.

Take Lens Extraction to a Higher Level of Performance.

ELLIPS FX technology is designed specially for smoother cutting
and excellent efficiency—all without having to change your preferred

Uniquely delivers simultaneous blending of transversal and
longitudinal modalities

Provides optimized frequency and longer stroke path12
Delivers exceptional versatility, with curved or straight tip styles
to match your preferred technique

The ELLIPS FX Transversal Ultrasound delivers an
optimized stroke path with increased efficiency


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Agencies & Distributors


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