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Coronet Disposable Vacuum Trephines

The Coronet Recipient Vacuum Trephine is ergonomically designed and the length has been calculated to give easier access to the most recessed eyes. The trephine is supplied in a comprehensive range of blade diameters and utilises the unique Coronet blade technology to create an ultra-sharp cutting edge of reliable and repeatable quality.
Functional Characteristics:
  • Vacuum created holds trephine securely onto the surface of the cornea
  • Ergonomic design and length gives easier access to recessed eyes
  • Ultra-sharp thin profile blade minimises damage to endothelial cells and reduces undercut
  • Fine cross hairs assist with centralisation of the trephine
  • Non-reflective head
  • Blade progresses 0.063 mm downward per quarter turn and 0.252 mm per full rotation
  • Marker pin allows the operator to calculate the quarter and full turns through which the blade has progressed
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