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DORC ASSOCIATE 2500 PHACO Dual Function Vitrectomy Machine

  • Dual pump, peristaltic and venturi
  • Flexibility in aspiration control
  • Dual Linear /3D Vitrectomy
  • Flow control with advanced peristaltic technology
  • Phaco dual linear mode
  • Fully programmable dual linear footswitch
  • New generation multi LED light source with unique lens focusing system
  • 2nd generation high vacuum cartridge
  • High Speed Vitrectomy
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DORC Xenon Brightstar Illumination System 

The DORC Xenon BrightStar Illumination System provides the new generation ultimate bright white illumination for improved visibility during surgery, even with the smallest light fibres. DORC has also responded to clinical concerns regarding minimising the incidence of photo -toxicity, especially when surgical conditions dictate working close to the retina. The DORC Xenon BrightStar is the first illumination system to offer a selection of ultraviolet cut-off filters , giving the surgeon ultimate safety control over the spectrum of light rays exposed to the retina. Coupled with an extensive array of DORC illumination accessories, Xenon BrightStar provides the ultimate in performance, versatility and value.
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DORC Laserstar Endo Diode Laser 

The DORC LaserStar ophthalmic laser unit, green 532 nm laser radiation.
  • The laser radiation of the LaserStar is generated by using a laser diode with a diode pump and frequency doubling element.
  • This unit is equipped with a colour touch screen and graphic user guidance with just 3 control knobs for all settings.
  • Colour touch screen allowing personal programming and ease of use.
  • Silent: no noisy cooling fan thanks to novel “Smart Cool Technology”.
  • Smart cool technology without air fan also eliminates any internal dust problems
  • Novel passive safety filters available with virtually no discolouration.
  • Unique quattro laser fibre connector for :
    • Easy and quick lock connection
    • Precise focusing of the laser beam (patent pending)
  • Small size: the smallest 2 Watt Laser available.
  • “Fast Start” software for quick start-up


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DORC CryoStar

The DORC CryoStar is the smart cryosurgical system that combines optimal performance with state-of-the-art automation. Simple for O.R. staff to operate and maintain throughout every procedure.
  • Microprocessor or automated set-up and operation
  • Electronically controlled for quick repeated freeze / defrost cycles
  • Automatic purge ensures internal clearing of residual moisture
  • Nitreous oxide (N2O) or Carbon dioxide (CO2) driven
  • External filter assures consistent performance and reliability


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DORC MicroSurgical Systems

  • Intraocular Electromagnet and Accessories
  • Micro Diathermy System and Accessories
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